Summer in New York


by Patinka

Living in New York there are so many things happening all year long…however, the best of the best happens during the summer. Time, as usual, is flying by like crazy. Before summer is over go out and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Whatever you do and wherever you’re going or coming from do it in New York style and while you are at it, do it in sustainable New York style. The options for activities, as the options of style, in NYC are endless. You can have the feeling of being on vacation without even leaving the Big Apple. What are you waiting for? Summer is waiting out there, and so are these gorgeous pieces!






About Patinka

I find pleasure in writing and sharing ideas about my fashion. I enjoy fashion for what it is and how it looks and feels whether it is Chanel or a cool thing from a thrift store. I strongly believe there is a future in recycling and reusing fashion. I love creating stories through styling. I am always open on new adventures. What’s next? Hopefully much more to come.

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A Blast From The Past With Dana Liu, 8 Questions For The Sustainable Designer

Dana Liu by Kate Glider

Dana Liu is not just any designer. She is a craft revival, sustainable designer! Through her own research, she has interestingly created different procedures to naturally dye clothing. She uses these techniques and incorporates them into her culturally influenced designs. She puts a modern twist on old cultural looks, giving her designs an amazing versatility that cannot be replicated. I got the chance to ask her in depth questions about her unique techniques and designs!


1. How did you become interested in sustainable fashion?

I first became interested in sustainable fashion when I was working on a portfolio project for a scholarship competition.  My inspiration for the collection was a course that I was currently taking, Medical Botany.  I was inspired by the concept of medical botany as well as the shapes and colors of the plants.  A professor suggested that I consider using sustainable fibers and I started to research environmental and social responsibility.  Once I was aware of sustainability in the industry, I just had to do it!


2. On your website it states that you use some interesting natural materials and dyes. Can you tell me a little more about that?

I spent the past year experimenting with dyeing organic cottons and peace silks with natural dyes.  Through the advice of professors and my own internet and library research I began to dye using fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers as dye materials.  It’s super exciting to completely change the appearance of cloth using plants that you can find right in your grandmother’s garden or produce section at your local grocer!  My most successful natural dyes were extracted from yellow onion skins and red cabbage.  Both vegetables produced rich, vivid hues.  I dyed fabrics in my senior collection using yellow onionskins and acorns.

 Dana Liu


3. I see through your portfolio that you incorporate different cultures into your pieces. Which is your favorite culture to incorporate?

I focused on Japanese culture for my senior thesis collection and found many different aspects to be inspirational.  I incorporated aesthetics, traditional dress and artisanal textile and surface manipulations.


4. What inspires you other than cultures in regards to your collection?

I am also inspired by the women who I visualize wearing my clothing.  I try to create garments that are wearable and classic, yet have special elements.  I think that each garment should be able to stand alone and as part of an ensemble.  My favorite look in my collection is the shibori dyed maxi dress with the organza shell because even by themselves, each piece has a presence and makes a statement. 


5. Do you ever find it difficult to incorporate these cultures into modern pieces?

It can be a challenge to incorporate cultures into modern, wearable pieces.  However, I try to be inspired by concepts within cultures in addition to referencing visual aspects.  The challenge of incorporating different cultures into wearable, fashion-forward garments is what makes designing fun and interesting.  It requires creativity, critical thinking and some wit!  I like to think that I have just enough of all three to create garments that you can’t mistake for costumes.

 Dana Liu


6. I noticed you use very unique Japanese process within your textiles. Can you explain the processes of Sahiko and Shibori?

Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery technique that uses running stitches to create geometric designs.  In addition to being used for decoration, it can also be employed to mend old garments.  I actually used it to patch up an old pair of jeans that I stole from my boyfriend and turned into authentic boyfriend jeans!  Its versatility and durability make it an awesome way to upcycle clothing.

Shibori is a Japanese textile dyeing technique.  It creates unique designs by clamping, twisting, tying and folding fabric and dipping it into a dye bath.  I always feel a lot of anticipation when shibori dyeing fabric because you don’t know how the fabric is going to look until you’re finished dyeing it!  That anticipation only seems to exemplify the beauty.

7. You told me you work and also hold two internships. Tell me about them.

I am currently working two jobs and interning in the city two days a week.  I babysit for two little boys early in the morning three days a week and work at a local boutique, Veronica Rayne Boutique.  I am interning at Loomstate, an organic cotton apparel brand.  I work with the Sustainability Initiatives Director on a myriad of environmental responsibility and social fairness projects.  Every day is packed with a tons of new ideas and information.

 Dana Liu


8. What can we expect from you in the upcoming future?

Well, in the near future I hope to find an entry-level design position at a sustainable women’s wear company. I am excited to join the sustainable leaders in the industry and to be creative and learn a lot along the way.  I hope to have the opportunity to design for brands that align with my values and to share my passion for sustainable fashion with anyone who will listen!  My best friend and I constantly joke about starting our own sustainable design brand one day.  But I’m pretty sure neither of us are actually joking. Since I’m only a couple of months out of college, it’s all up in the air right now!  I keep telling myself that that’s how it’s supposed to be!


For more on Dana Liu click here.


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Shana Luther Makes Handbags for the Independent & Confident Woman Who Knows Her Way in Life

Shana Luther Bags

By: Patinka

Take sustainable fashion in your hands! Literally, by picking up a Shana Luther handbag. Brooklyn-based Shana Luther creates beautiful and handbags for the independent and confident woman.

Fascinated by fashion and modern design Shana has created a refined line of leather handbags that are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn. Through design Shana explores new ways to create the perfect handbags for women who know how to rule the world. She loves the idea of dressing around a bag. Making the bag the focal point and creating outfits around it.


Shana Luther Bags

Charlie Tote in royal blue

A favorite bag from the collection is the Charlie Tote in royal blue. It can hold all of the daily essentials- Ipad, water bottle, books, magazines, and all the other things we can’t live without. This bag makes life easier and keeps everything organized with one exterior zipper pocket as well as one interior zipper and cell pocket. Perfect for a city girl who is efficient, organized and of course chic.

Shana Luther Bags

William bag

The William bag is great for any woman: a student, a mother, a working professional. It can hold your daily essentials plus much more. It’s what we women love! A big elegant, convenient and fashion forward bag, that goes with any outfit.



My Charlie Tote in royal blue

As somebody who loves sustainable fashion I’ve become a fan of  Shana Luther’s bags. One of my personal favorites is the Charlie Tote. For more on how I style this and the William bag click here.

To learn more about Shana Luther and her bags click here.


About Patinka

I find pleasure in writing and sharing ideas about my fashion. I enjoy fashion for what it is and how it looks and feels whether it is Chanel or a cool thing from a thrift store. I strongly believe there is a future in recycling and reusing fashion. I love creating stories through styling. I am always open on new adventures. What’s next? Hopefully much more to come.

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Hot Shorts for a Hot Summer

Summer Shorts


1.Honest By 2.Amour Vert 3.Motel Vintage 4.Bazaar 28 5.Afia 6.Free People


By Kate Glider

The first official day of summer is quickly approaching and soon we’ll be sporting full on summer looks. It’s time to take out your old shorts and update your wardrobe with some new ones. With all the different varieties of shorts that are trending this summer season, one can’t go wrong with any shorts look! Whether they  are denim or fabric, solid or print, there is no better way to dress up or dress down an outfit than with a pair of amazing shorts!

Repurposing Nola Creates Sustainable Bags Piece by Peace

Repurposing Nola

Repurposing Nola

by Dominique Drakeford

What is RepurposingNOLA?

-noun;-verb  ~ a New Orleans-based, female-owned triple bottom line company utilizing excess fabrics of our community to create sustainable designer goods

REpurposingNOLA Piece by Peace is a New Orleans based and produced fashion brand utilizing fabrics from the community to create sustainable beautifully crafted designer goods. Founder and indie fashionista Traci Claussen prides herself on being a triple bottom line company.  Sourcing locally in both materials and labor are the foundation of their policies in supporting local people and the planet as they design and produce every collection. In their products they utilize materials such as burlap coffee sacks from the local roasting plant PJs Coffee while salvaging belts from thrift stores who help the community.

Repurposing Nola

Repurposing Nola

She makes stylish one of a kind bags that are all sourced locally. Utilizing coffee sacks from PJ’s, repurposing leather belts from area thrift stores, and incorporating upholstery and vinyl remnants into the mix makes for some of New Orleans finest ethical accessories!

Check out the site and connect with RepurposingNOLA: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


About Dominique Drakeford

My name is Dominique Drakeford. As an ethical fashion mogul and community activist, I am an “Ambassador for Sustainable Style”. Upon completing my Masters Degree from NYU in Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Fashion, I have ventured into spearheading my own Sustainable Fashion PR Company called Drake Natural. Through my work I express how fashion is a meaningful medium of awareness that has potential to create “upstream” opportunities for intervention and prevention. I am engrossed in life’s journey and I’m infatuated with learning, growing, and having fun!

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Myrrhia Fine Knitwear Makes Sustainable Clothing Look Beautiful

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear By: Patinka

Now that summer is here, (finally!!!) it’s time to put on some fun summer clothing, and why not make that some fun sustainable summer clothing? Summer brings a good opportunity to re-evaluate your wardrobe and look for new environment friendly options.

Let me introduce you to our friends from the West Coast- Myrrhia Fine Knitwear who take sustainable fashion seriously. MFK has been on the market for five seasons. They offer functional yet sophisticated fashion. The collection is refreshing and feels like the summer wind bringing fresh new ideas and inspirations.

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear

MFK clothing is made entirely in the U.S.A and fabrics are made from locally sourced yarns. All fabrics are carefully chosen and the colors complement the colors of nature. Each piece is made to order and created one at a time, with love and passion. The Spring/Summer  collection explores such fibers as un-dyed organic California cotton, as well as tencel that was harvested sustainably from Eucalyptus trees.

Designer Myrrhia Resneck, a resident of Oakland even rides her bike to her rather than driving, minimizing her carbon footprint. Cheers to that!

Check out MFK here.

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear


About Patinka

I find pleasure in writing and sharing ideas about my fashion. I enjoy fashion for what it is and how it looks and feels whether it is Chanel or a cool thing from a thrift store. I strongly believe there is a future in recycling and reusing fashion. My recent move to New York opens lots of opportunities and inspires me in ways I had never been inspired before. I started out as a model and that gave me an idea of what fashion is. That turned into another adventure- styling and blogging. I love creating stories through styling. I am always open on new adventures. What’s next? Hopefully much more to come.

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Ethical Fashion Collective Puts on Ethical Fashion Show in Support of Rehema Project

photos: Donald Linderyd


On May 1st a small group of students from the London college of Fashion known as the Ethical Fashion Collective, organized an ethical fashion show to raise money for the Rehema project.

Featured designers included People Tree, Komodo, Arthur & Henry, Ruby Rocks, Liora Lassalle, Choolips, Fair & True, Nancy Dee, Mia by Mia Nisbet, Jaded LDN, Monkee Genes, Cock and Bull, Riz Boardshorts, Brothers We Stand

The Rehema project works with women who are living in extremely difficult situations in Africa, teaching them textiles skills that give them an opportunity to provide for their families.

Check out Ethical Fashion Collective’s facebook to see all pictures and support the Rehema project.

Come Support Empowerment of Women with ‘Hope To Thailand’ Benefit Event Sunday May 4th In LA

Hope to Thailand


On Sunday May 4th, Passport 2 Freedom, an organization that strives to help those who have been denied their basic human rights, and Fashion Hope, an organization that uses the entertainment and fashion platform to spread education and awareness of the plight of human trafficking are teaming up for the Hope To Thailand benefit event, which has the mission to empower women who have been victims of sex-trafficking.

Come support Hope to Thailand and enjoy a fun afternoon of shopping, drinks, prize giveaways and more. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Shop some great fashion and accessories
  • Get your eye makeup done for free by professional makeup artist Mishel Brown
  • Enjoy drinks and bites
  • Win some amazing raffle prizes
  • Get a FREE GIFT just for coming!

So come have some fun for a good cause and make sure to support Hope To Thailand.


WHEN: Sunday May 4, 2014

WHERE: The Lounge at LaBelle 6138 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

TIME: 2-6pm


The Ethical Fashion Collective Raising Awareness for Rehema Project With Ethical Fashion Show May 1st

Ethical Fashion Show Rehema

On May 1st a small group of students from the London college of Fashion known as the Ethical Fashion Collective, are organizing an ethical fashion show to raise money for the Rehema project and awareness around the issues of ethical fashion.

The Rehema project works with women who are living in extremely difficult situations in Africa, teaching them textiles skills that give them an opportunity to provide for their families. The money raised from the Rehema outreach supports the local community, ensuring basic food is provided to the schools, feeding over 500 orphans daily. Without this support a lot of the women would be forced into compromising situations, selling their bodies, stealing or sending their children to be raised by other family members. Rehema gives women back hope and dignity.

The evening will start with a panel discussion followed by a fashion show featuring People Tree, Komodo, Arthur & Henry, Ruby Rocks, Liora Lassalle, Choolips, Fair & True, Nancy Dee, Mia by Mia Nisbet, Jaded LDN, Monkee Genes, Cock and Bull, Riz Boardshorts, Brothers We Stand and more.

This year’s panelist are:

  • Safia Minney Founder of People Tree
  • Lucy Siegle BBC One Show presenter, Ethical columnist for The Guardian and The Observer
  • Ben Ramsden Founder of Pants to Poverty
  • Tamsin Lejeune Managing Director of Ethical Fashion Forum
  • Sam Maher Director of Policy and International Solidarity at Labour behind the Label
  • Kate Dangerfield Global Campaigns and Communications coordinator at Stop the Traffick


Join this wonderful event to support a great initiative, mingle, shop, network and meet new people. Hope to see you there!


WHEN: May 1st 7pm

WHERE: St Paul’s Hammersmith, Queen Caroline Street, W6 9PJ London, United Kingdom

TICKETS: Tickets are available on the door and include a free drink, with all the proceeds going to Rehema. Tickets are £10 or £7 for students


Ethical Fashion Show Rehema



Outdoor Festival Style 101- Columbia University Edition


by Claudia Camille Khoury

Each spring, college students nationwide eagerly await music headliners that have been invited to their campuses. But creating the perfect outdoor concert ensemble is not an easy endeavor (I speak from personal experience!). You want to look fashion savvy for the several photos that definitely will be taken, but you also know that comfort is key if you’re going to make it through the entire day. Hot on the heels of Bacchanal, Columbia’s annual concert, I’ve compiled a list of concert attire essentials to have you prepared for your next outdoor festival!

Flower Crowns

flower crownFlower crowns were all the rage at Bacchanal. Not only do they add a flirtatious, boho chic vibe to your outfit, they’re also such an easy accessory to add on last minute – you don’t even have to worry about whether the colors of the flowers clash with your outfit. They’re also the ideal accessory because, once fastened in your hair with clips, you can rest assured that it won’t be lost in the frenzy of the crowd! Find some here.




Cascarones, the Spanish word for “egg shell”, are eggs that have been hollowed out and then filled with multicolored confetti. It’s considered good luck to crush these cascarones on a person’s head and have confetti shower down on them. Cascarones are the perfect way to make new friends – be generous and hand them out! – and if you’re on the receiving end of the confetti, the little pieces of paper mixed in your locks exudes a fun, carefree feel. (you can make them yourself!)


Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are the final essential! Not only do they provide necessary storage of the items you’ll be bringing – your phone, your ticket, your sunglasses – but they also come in so many different colors and patterns that they are an optimal way of making a fashion statement. The look of plain jean cutoff shorts with fanny packs is also a prime combo of simplicity and style (Check out American Apparel’s fanny packs!).


About Claudia Camille Khoury

I currently attend Columbia University in NYC and am double majoring in Political Science and Latin American and Iberian Cultures. I am an active member of “Hoot”, my schools’ fashion magazine/blog, and have particularly loved interviewing teachers about their style for it. My father is from Beirut and my mother is from Paris, so I have grown up in a culturally diverse environment that influences my fashion – I like to juxtapose the sparkle that characterizes Lebanese attire with the simple vibe that distinguishes French wear. I have previously worked at Capelli New York, currently intern at Modabound and will be a wholesale intern at Max Mara this summer. I love being involved in fashion in any and every possible way –whether I am writing about current trends, organizing showrooms, styling others or simply dressing myself, I get a thrill from every single moment of it! 

A casino night out style

1940s Glamour There is something exciting about going to a casino. Cocktail dresses, tuxedos, red lips and high heels add glamour to a night of fun. Casino glamour was at the peak in the 1940s and movies like Casino, James Bond and Ocean’s 13 recreate that era over and over. Dressing up adds to the thrill of going out to a casino. Of course not everyone wants to get dressed to have the casino experience and not everyone is able to travel to a casino. For these people there are online gaming sites like Gaming Club  that allow you to have the same fun without getting dressed. But if you are going out, here are some style ideas.

If you want to get dressed up without fuss, the little black dress is a nice way to go. It adds sophistications without being complicated. If you prefer to wear color choose a simple dress in a vibrant color. For a real glamorous look you can opt for a sequin dress either short or long, ala Sharon Stone in Casino. Top off the look with red lips and simple pumps.

CASINO, Sharon Stone, 1995

Skinny jeans and a pretty top is a great option for a more casual approach. You can wear a button down blouse for a classic look or add sexiness with a silk top. If you opt for a simple top you can add spice with fun heels, a bright clutch and jewelry.

If want to go even more casual you can. Jeans, a simple t-shirt, and flats can also work. In this case adding accessories can dress up your outfit. Bold earrings or a bracelet can liven up a simple look as can adding colorful lipstick or eye shadow. If you want to add something extra to the casual look you can add a blazer. It’s a no fuss way to create a more polished look.

Who Made Your Clothes? Fashion Revolution Day Marks One Year Anniversary of Rana Plaza Collapse

Who Made Your Clothes


Who made your clothes? Yes they may come form H&M, Forever 21, or a score of other brands, but WHO really made your clothes? Was it a woman in China working in a sweatshop free factory or a child in Bangladesh working in unsafe conditions similar to Rana Plaza. Do you really know?

Today, Fashion Revolution Day marks the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy.

On April 24th last year, 1133 people were killed, over 2500 injured, and at least 800 children orphaned when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To remember this tragedy, turn your clothes #InsideOut and ask your favorite brands “Who made your clothes?” This is a way of telling brands you want to know where your clothes came from and for you to be curious about the origins of the clothing you are purchasing.

“Find out who made your clothes – from who spun the threads, to who sewed them together, to who grew the cotton in the first place,” Fashion Revolution Day’s website says. “Your clothes already tell a story about who you are. Now they can tell a better one.”

For more information on the campaign, visit

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8 Questions for Heart + Noble Designer Cristina Gabriele & Trunk Show Details

Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated ring in 9ct yellow gold

by Nevena Rousseva

Have you ever wondered what bold, elegant and exquisite jewelry looks like? It looks like Heart + Noble, the London and New York based jewelry brand founded by Cristina Gabriele. Her jewelry explores the beauty of the everyday and brings life to ordinary materials, like cable ties, which she used to create the stunning pieces of her AW2014 collection. Don’t be fooled thought, her pieces are anything but ordinary, using sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold for the fine collection pieces, like the ring above, which will be available at the upcoming Heart + Noble trunk show (details below).

I first met Cristina through Launch NYC Fashion Week where she presented her 2014 collection. I couldn’t get the pieces out of my head! Lucky for all of us Cristina is currently designing a ready to wear version of the runway pieces that will be available for purchase in late May/early June of this year. How fantastic is that! I had to ask her a few questions…


1. In February you participated in the Launch NYC fashion week event. Can you tell me about the experience?

Showcasing my first New York Fashion Week Collection was sincerely remarkable; not only was I fortunate enough to share the experience with a truly spectacular community, I had the enormous luxury of witnessing my creations live! There’s nothing quite like seeing your designs breathe on the runway. 


Heart and Noble

Heart + Noble 2014 collection

2. Your collection was so interesting, almost like creating beautiful body armor. Can you tell me about the concept?

Thank you, I too like to think of it as a sort of lace like armor, it’s certainly quite architectural and form fitting. The concept has been expanded from that of my fine Cable Tie Collection; it’s a conversation into exploring and appreciating functionality, and finding true beauty in function. It’s a celebration of the overlooked, the ordinary, the undiscovered; it’s an admiration for the everyday object that makes our world work just a little bit better.


Heart and Noble

Heart + Noble 2014 collection

3. Did you construct the pieces?

I did yes, as I mentioned the acrylic AW14 runway collection is a manifestation of the original, fine Cable Tie Collection. I took my three-dimensional object, which I refer to as my “unit,” extruded a 2D plane and laser cut multiples before designing the various arrangements / constellations.  Each piece was assembled and sewn together by hand. 


4. You consistently use the teardrop like shape in your pieces, can you tell me about that?

I’m fascinated by the teardrop for a number of reasons: its a very harmonious and gratifying shape. Voluptuous yet acerbic, tranquil yet abundant, it’s very balanced. 


Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated studs in 9ct yellow gold


5. You are originally from England. What made you decide to move to New York?

I was raised in London, yes, but was actually born in Manhattan, although I only spent my first 6 or so months of life here. London is a gem, certainly one of the most culturally electric cities in the world, but it doesn’t possess quite the same hustle / can do attitude that New York City is loved and renowned for. I moved to New York for this dynamism, for the energy, I can’t imagine living my life any other way.


6. What were you doing before you started Heart + Noble?

I was fortunate enough to design and produce jewellery as Head of Production for a fine contemporary jewellery in London for three years after graduating from university, it was a remarkably enlightening experience, not to mention a superb introduction into the industry.

Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated earrings in 9ct yellow gold


7. What inspired you to start Heart + Noble?

An overwhelming desire to create objects that would engage! I’ve always been incredibly passionate about creating dialogue through tactile exploration. Jewellery is an astonishingly intimate medium, and somewhat underexplored, at least in a truly modern sense. Heart & Noble was born from this passion, this curiosity.


 8. What’s next for Heart + Noble?

A thousand and one things, as the label grows, so does my spirit of inquiry! New York has embraced us so tenderly; there are no limits!♥



WHERE: FLAT 128, 15 Christopher Street, New York NY

WHEN: Thursday, April 24th at 6pm

Meet Cristina and snag one of her beautiful pieces!

Heart and Noble Trunk Show