8 Questions for Heart + Noble Designer Cristina Gabriele & Trunk Show Details

Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated ring in 9ct yellow gold

by Nevena Rousseva

Have you ever wondered what bold, elegant and exquisite jewelry looks like? It looks like Heart + Noble, the London and New York based jewelry brand founded by Cristina Gabriele. Her jewelry explores the beauty of the everyday and brings life to ordinary materials, like cable ties, which she used to create the stunning pieces of her AW2014 collection. Don’t be fooled thought, her pieces are anything but ordinary, using sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold for the fine collection pieces, like the ring above, which will be available at the upcoming Heart + Noble trunk show (details below).

I first met Cristina through Launch NYC Fashion Week where she presented her 2014 collection. I couldn’t get the pieces out of my head! Lucky for all of us Cristina is currently designing a ready to wear version of the runway pieces that will be available for purchase in late May/early June of this year. How fantastic is that! I had to ask her a few questions…


1. In February you participated in the Launch NYC fashion week event. Can you tell me about the experience?

Showcasing my first New York Fashion Week Collection was sincerely remarkable; not only was I fortunate enough to share the experience with a truly spectacular community, I had the enormous luxury of witnessing my creations live! There’s nothing quite like seeing your designs breathe on the runway. 


Heart and Noble

Heart + Noble 2014 collection

2. Your collection was so interesting, almost like creating beautiful body armor. Can you tell me about the concept?

Thank you, I too like to think of it as a sort of lace like armor, it’s certainly quite architectural and form fitting. The concept has been expanded from that of my fine Cable Tie Collection; it’s a conversation into exploring and appreciating functionality, and finding true beauty in function. It’s a celebration of the overlooked, the ordinary, the undiscovered; it’s an admiration for the everyday object that makes our world work just a little bit better.


Heart and Noble

Heart + Noble 2014 collection

3. Did you construct the pieces?

I did yes, as I mentioned the acrylic AW14 runway collection is a manifestation of the original, fine Cable Tie Collection. I took my three-dimensional object, which I refer to as my “unit,” extruded a 2D plane and laser cut multiples before designing the various arrangements / constellations.  Each piece was assembled and sewn together by hand. 


4. You consistently use the teardrop like shape in your pieces, can you tell me about that?

I’m fascinated by the teardrop for a number of reasons: its a very harmonious and gratifying shape. Voluptuous yet acerbic, tranquil yet abundant, it’s very balanced. 


Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated studs in 9ct yellow gold


5. You are originally from England. What made you decide to move to New York?

I was raised in London, yes, but was actually born in Manhattan, although I only spent my first 6 or so months of life here. London is a gem, certainly one of the most culturally electric cities in the world, but it doesn’t possess quite the same hustle / can do attitude that New York City is loved and renowned for. I moved to New York for this dynamism, for the energy, I can’t imagine living my life any other way.


6. What were you doing before you started Heart + Noble?

I was fortunate enough to design and produce jewellery as Head of Production for a fine contemporary jewellery in London for three years after graduating from university, it was a remarkably enlightening experience, not to mention a superb introduction into the industry.

Heart and Noble

Sterling silver plated earrings in 9ct yellow gold


7. What inspired you to start Heart + Noble?

An overwhelming desire to create objects that would engage! I’ve always been incredibly passionate about creating dialogue through tactile exploration. Jewellery is an astonishingly intimate medium, and somewhat underexplored, at least in a truly modern sense. Heart & Noble was born from this passion, this curiosity.


 8. What’s next for Heart + Noble?

A thousand and one things, as the label grows, so does my spirit of inquiry! New York has embraced us so tenderly; there are no limits!♥



WHERE: FLAT 128, 15 Christopher Street, New York NY

WHEN: Thursday, April 24th at 6pm

Meet Cristina and snag one of her beautiful pieces!

Heart and Noble Trunk Show





Cradle to Cradle’s William McDonough on Designing for Fashion Abundance


William McDonough CFDA Talk

Yesterday morning the CFDA hosted William McDonough, designer, advisor, and co-author of the manifesto  Cradle to Cradle, for a “Beyond Sustainability: Designing for Abundance” talk.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Changing the way we see design is the first signal of human intension. First as the question: ‘Am I doing the right thing.’
  • Start with your values not goals.
  • Instead of focusing on creating ‘less bad’ focus on creating ‘more good’. Being ‘less bad’ is not being good.
  • Ask- ‘How can you consider something to be beautiful if it’s poisoning us?’
  • Design as if there is going to be a tomorrow
  • Designers are the demand side, so demand something good from your suppliers. “You are the demand side. Demand something for a change!”
  • Clothing is not a living organism “Don’t talk to me about the end of life of a dress. It’s not alive.”
  • Regulation is a signal of design failure.
  • When a supplier tell you ‘It can’t be done’ don’t take their word for it, say ‘Don’t tell me it can’t be done. Tell me you can’t do it, so I can go find someone who can.’

William McDonough CFDA Talk

The fashion process can be transformed to do ‘more good’. With that in mind the The Cradle to Cradle program launched the Fashion Positive initiative in 2013, which applies Cradle to Cradle certification to transform the way fashion, textile materials, and products are made. The purpose of Fashion Positive is to support the fashion industry in an effort towards addressing the key challenges of toxicity, waste, energy, water and social fairness that are currently facing the fashion industry.

So when a supplier tells you “It can’t be done” you can turn to Fashion Positive and they will advise you on how you can create what you want as well as connect you with suppliers that can get it done for you.

For more on Fashion Positive click here.

All Black and White Everything

Life in Black and White

1.DRESS:People Tree 2.SWEATER:Free People 3.HEELS:Kenneth Cole 4.BRITCHES:State 5.BATHINGSUIT:Chromat 6.FLATS:Bhava 7.BRACELET:Chamak 8.BLOUSE:Amour Vert 9.SUNGLASSES:Woodzee 10.WATCH:Nixon

We all know that black and white are elegant colors. Whether it’s stripes, color blocking, a fun print, or polka dots, combining these colors adds playfulness and a modern twist that works for the office, a night out, or a laid back weekend. Black and white add both simplicity and sophistication to any look.

KNO Clothing ‘Bringing the T-Shirt Back to America’ Kickstarter Campaign


Philadelphia based KNO is bringing the good old t-shirt back to America. From using Texas grown organic cotton, to manufacturing in North Carolina, and packaging in Philadelphia, every step supports the local economy and reduces environmental damage (no long transportation CO2 emissions or chemicals usage).

KNO is not just about selling t-shirts, they are working hard to end homelessness across the U.S. For every t-shirt they sell, they hand deliver a piece of clothing to someone on the street, and give funding to organizations working to stop homelessness.

They are in the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign and TODAY is the last day. Check it out and help them reach their goal. Supporting them means supporting workers and communities around the country.

In Sustainable Fasion News…Changes Since Rana Plaza, Most Ethical Clothing Companies, ‘Sustainable’ Secret


Bangladesh Garment Workers

How The World Has Changed Since Rana Plaza

Fashion’s Dirty Little ‘Sustainable’ Secret; Wear More and Wash Less

The case for fewer—but better—clothes

H&M, Gap and Marks & Spencer named world’s most ethical clothing companies

Barcelona to host sustainable fashion show on April 24

This Season Shift Your Fashion Perspective With The Shift Top


by Patinka

A shift top or blouse is one of the best fashion creations of all times. The near-elbow-length sleeve and boxy silhouette  create a chic flattering and versatile look. The shift top is an elegant version of the beloved t-shirt. You can get away with a shift blouse and feel comfy yet fashionable, allowing for effortless sophistication.

Shift Top

The silhouette emerged during the fun of the 1960s and 1970s. The loose and billowy look allows for versatility and works well on different body types. Depending on the style, the neckline may be a sweetheart, deep oval, or boat neck.


The shift top can be worn with skinny jeans, leggings or shorts. However, the most popular way of wearing it is with a pencil skirt to show of a woman’s curves. When wearing a shift blouse with an embellished neckline, it’s better to skip the necklace. If you love accessories, go for a set of bracelets or long earrings.

Here are some styles and ideas for wearing a shift top.

Daniel Silverstein

This Daniel Silverstein top is made of 100% silk crepe. It was made using zero waste design technology and utilizes the full yardage of the fabric. A plain silk shirt like this one gives you lots of possibilities for accessorizing, from statement necklaces to beautiful headpieces. Get it here.


Restore Shift Top

This sheer top by New York based Restore can be used in many possible ways. It can be a great addition to any outfit either casual or edgy. Think lots of colorful jewelry. 


Curator Top

Curator is a line of clothing that uses mostly organic fabrics and is designed and produced in San Francisco. This print can be complimented with different types of pants or skirts in solid colors. The earthy color is also very trendy this season. Get it here.


The Portland CollectionThis bohemian top by Oregon-based Portland Collection fits the spring trend of bright prints and mixed colors. It is a statement piece in itself, so there is no need for lots of jewelry, however a headband would definitely make the top stand out even more.


Honest By Bruno Pieters

This Honest By printed top with short sleeves has side slits for a relaxed and edgy look. It can be paired with shorts and skinny pants for a perfect balanced look. It definitely has a unique look and will add flavor to any outfit. Get it here.


Spring is great time to play with fashion. If you haven’t worn a shift top then you must try it. If you are not into wearing just plain shirts then the shift top is just for you.


About Patinka

I love everything about fashion. I find pleasure in writing and sharing ideas about my passion for fashion. I enjoy fashion for what it is and how it looks and feels whether it is Chanel or a cool thing from a thrift store. I strongly believe there is a future in recycling and reusing fashion. My recent move to New York opens lots of opportunities and inspires me in ways I had never been inspired before. I am currently working at Kleinfeld Bridal and interning for the one and only Patricia Field who is one of the reasons I fell in love with fashion many years ago. I started out as a model and that gave me an idea of what fashion is. That turned into another adventure- styling and blogging. I love creating stories through styling. I am always open on new adventures. What’s next? Hopefully much more to come.

blog: www.patinkasworld.blogspot.com
fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patinkas-World/344759968994803
instagram: patinkalh

Pick Of The Day: Martine Ali ‘Killer Bee’ Rose Gold Bracelet

Bee Bracelet Martin Ali

In no time flowers will bloom and the bees will be a buzzing. Bees are awesome, and so is this handcrafted brass Martine Ali ‘killer bee’ bracelet. Bees are focused and hardworking creatures and you can channel some of their energy by wearing this bracelet. It’s intricate and striking and will add sophistication, but not flash to your arm. Truly an artist’s work. The only killer thing about this bracelet is how beautiful it is. Made in Brooklyn, New York. Get it here.

From Winter White to Spring White


white2 1.JACKET:Honestby 2.EARRINGS:Holst+Lee  3.SHOES:Casadei 4.BAG:Rebecca Minkoff  5.NAIL POLISH:Essie 6.SHORTS:Honestby 7.PANTS:Barbara Bui 8.BELT:Hugo Boss 9.DRESS:Natalia Allen


It’s officially the first day of Spring! Soon we’ll be putting down the winter gear and turning to lighter and brighter pieces. White is a beautiful transition color from winter to spring. We’re trading in snow for snow drops, white parkas, ski pants and heavy boots, for light kimono jackets, spring pants, and delicate heels. And in another few weeks or so, as the trees begin to bloom we’ll be wearing white dresses and shorts.

Pick of the Day: The Start-Up Playbook

The Startup Playbook

The Start Up Playbook  is for anyone starting or thinking about starting a business and seeking advise. In the book, some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, Tony Hsieh form Zappos, and Kevin Ryan from Gilt, give to the point advice from their ‘playbooks’ on aspects like marketing, hiring, customer development, leadership, product development, and failure. Our favorite ‘playbook’ was Spanx’s founder Sara Blakely. Get the book here.

Wear We Wander is a Clothing Line For the Wanderers, the Dreamers the Doers and the Adventurers


By Jadea Fields

Wear We Wander is a fashion destination for the bad-ass bohemian women who push the limits and live outside the boundaries. The Ireland based company started by Brownyn Connolly offers a unique selection of clothing and accessories to spice up any wardrobe. This clothing line is for the wanderers, the dreamers the doers, the lovers, the adventurers, the broken, and the lovely.


“Funny how a complete stranger can make you realizes something,” says Connolly who decided to pursue her fashion dream after meeting a graphologist in Central Park who analyzed her handwriting style. The graphologist told Connolly she was very creative and that “fashion and passion are deeply seated in my mind and that my profession at the time would eventually suffocate me.” After traveling for almost a year and gathering inspiration she ended up in Bali where her idea truly began to take shape.


Connolly has infused sustainable practices throughout her company. Instead of producing clothing in a traditional factory susceptible to poor working conditions, she opted for working with a seamstress she met while traveling to Bali, who works out of her home and pays her staff fairly. The company uses no plastic in the packaging and this year they are introducing a ‘Re-Work It’ line of clothing that takes vintage jeans and turns them into skirts and shorts.



Starting Wear We Wander hasn’t been easy for Connolly, but her advise to anyone wanting to start their own business is to go for it.  “ It won’t just fall in your lap” says Connolly, “You have to take risks, be prepared to be broke, work long hours, take knock backs, sacrifice your social life, have sleepless nights & long days, and be willing to put in the work in.”wear-we-wanderwear-we-wander

To shop Wear We Wander click here.


About Jadea Fields

I recently graduated in the field of Fashion Merchandising and Buying at Nassau Community College, but fell in love with writing along the way. Adventure is my middle name, I enjoy trying new activities the biggest one yet being skydiving two years ago. I believe that once you put your mind to it you will achieve anything. 

Instagram is : Aedaj
Facebook : Jadea Rose

Spring Fashion Trends – Columbia University Edition

Red Valentino 2014

Red Valentino 2014

by Claudia Camille Khoury

The formulation of a perfect day-to-night outfit is never an easy task, especially if you’re a college student that lives in a diverse, fast-paced environment. As a student at Columbia University, my typical day involves walking (or sprinting) to/from classes located several blocks away from each other, maximizing my free time by studying in the library, attending sorority chapter meetings, and going for dinner to catch up with friends. With spring approaching, it is essential for all university students to have their go-to outfit that will keep them both fashionable and appropriately dressed for all stages of their day.

The Day-to-Night Weekday Outfit

This spring, floral prints and loose, unfitted pants are coming back on the radar. Floral prints are easy to work with because they look simple and chic on any article of clothing. Whether it is a fitted floral blazer (Riverisland.com) with a basic tank top or a structured floral blouse (Stella McCartney), these pieces exude a sophisticated, feminine air that will give students the confidence to excel in classroom discussions to dinner conversations.

left, River Island right, Zara

left, River Island; right, Zara

To complete the outfit, pair your desired floral piece with light blue boyfriend jeans, or if you’re feeling especially confident, flared jeans. Pants will allow you to move effortlessly from place to place and the flare will automatically make your outfit less predictable. Finish up your look with a pair of colorful sandals that have some sort of hardware or embellishment on them that makes them unique.


left, Rachel Zoe; right, Valentino

left, Rachel Zoe; right, Valentino

The Day-to-Night Weekend Outfit

From shirts to skirts to gowns, sparkle and shine are a spring must-have. For a stylish weekend getup, slip on an embellished, pastel dress that can be made casual with a simple jacket. An embellished dress will create a flirty and romantic vibe appropriate for the night-time, while the biker jacket will keep it grounded during the day.

left, Jenny Packham; right, Iro

left, Jenny Packham; right, Iro


About Claudia Camille Khoury

I currently attend Columbia University in NYC and am double majoring in Political Science and Latin American and Iberian Cultures. I am an active member of “Hoot”, my schools’ fashion magazine/blog, and have particularly loved interviewing teachers about their style for it. My father is from Beirut and my mother is from Paris, so I have grown up in a culturally diverse environment that influences my fashion – I like to juxtapose the sparkle that characterizes Lebanese attire with the simple vibe that distinguishes French wear. I have previously worked at Capelli New York, currently intern at Modabound and will be a wholesale intern at Max Mara this summer. I love being involved in fashion in any and every possible way –whether I am writing about current trends, organizing showrooms, styling others or simply dressing myself, I get a thrill from every single moment of it!  

Upcycled Leather Bomber Jackets By Olga Road

Olga Road

Bomber jackets are a definite spring trend. But if you are looking for a bomber jacket with less environmental baggage, look no further than Olga Road. The company takes used leather trench coats and upcycles them into modern bomber jackets.

The trench coats are first examined and sorted and any unique design features in the original coats are incorporated into the new jacket. Each jacket is an original. You can get them here.

Olga Road