Coveting: Christian Louboutin “Ecotrash” Platform Slingbacks

Christian Louboutin Ecotrash Platform Slingback ShoesChristian Louboutin Ecotrash Platform Slingback Shoes 2Christian Louboutin Ecotrash Platform Slingback Shoes 3Christian Louboutin Ecotrash Platform Slingback Shoes 4Fashion sustainability at its best! Kudos to Christian Louboutin for not turning a blind eye to the wastefulness that goes on in the fashion industry and in his own Paris atelier.

The “ecotrash”shoes are composed of trash such as pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled sticky notes, leftover sequins and fabric swatches, compiled over time from the garbage cans at the famous atelier.

The downside- the shoes are coated with toxic PVC plastic and use real python skin (no surprise with this one).

Still its an artful start.

You can get these at Neiman Marcus.

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Sandblasting Jeans

Faded Jeans Eco ALternative To Sandblasting

There is new alternative to “sandblasting” jeans for that worn out look. The process called “surface activation” washes down denim following the dying process. The process is more efficient  and eco-friendly.

The Science Daily reports: “The surface activation technique presents several advantages, including preventing the decease of fabric strength, shortening the duration of the wash-down process and reducing the concentrations of costly chemicals.”

With sandblasting slowly on its way out this could be a safer alternative that will keep the faded look for extinction.